Entertainment Australia has been entertaining Australia since 2004. Book a Bunny and Book a Santa grew as dedicated resources of seasonal entertainment. We are a small team of dedicated workers who provide entertainers and promotional artists for Shopping Centres, Department Stores, Festivals, Events, Parties and more right across Australia and New Zealand.
We love our jobs, knowing that every day we are working with Santa Claus, Face Painters and the Easter Bunny!

Michelle Drinnan

Company Director

Michelle is the director of Moz Theatre Enterprises and associated brands. She comes from a performance and stage background, with a strong marketing and business skillset. Her love of theatre evolved in children’s entertainment and combined with a passion for business created a much-respected company. In 2013, Michelle was shortlisted for the Young Business Woman of the Year Award.

Paul Holmes
The Face Paint Shop Manager

Paul has a performance-based background, appearing in several musicals and stage shows.
Paul is the manager of The Face Paint Shop and often assists with Book A Santa and Book A Bunny.

Debbie Drinnan

Debbie is a much loved helper around Entertainment Australia. As Michelle’s mum means she gets called into help out occasionally! Debbie has probably washed your costume, or detangled your wig.
If you need something sent to you, Debbie is the person to talk to.

Jairah Bronzal
Admin Assistant, Book A Santa

Jairah hails from the Philippines and works remotely. She loves working with a team of supportive staff. Jairah handles all our administrative work including processing invoices, confirmations and emails.