Easter Egg Hunt

The simple general hunt where eggs are hidden around an area and kids look for them. Great for younger kids such as under 5 years old. The Easter Bunny can even help them find the eggs.

Our Easter Egg Hunts include set up, pack up, two facilitators and enough economy eggs for 200 kids. We suggest running for a two-hour period plus half-hour set up/half hour pack up. Great for open area parklands. Optional add ons include hunting baskets.

Easter Egg Trail

A more advanced hunt where children are given simple clues they follow to find the eggs.This works best in a retail setting where kids can follow the trail to collect the eggs from each participating retailer. You give us a list of the retailers and we’ll create clue sheets based around your centre. A great promotion for promoting foot traffic.

Includes two facilitators, basic signage, clue sheets for 200 kids, clues created, instructions and privacy statements for customers plus enough eggs for 200 kids, Optional add ons include hunting baskets, additional choices for giveaways, and collection of customer email addresses for further promotions.